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Candidate Care – Do unto others…

From 2002 - Published by the President of TalentDelivery 11 years ago.  Still relevant today?

One aspect of the recruitment process guaranteed to irritate, if not enrage, candidates is lack of communication from prospective employers or recruiters. Regardless of whether there is any basis for it, most applicants have the idea that they are the ideal candidate for an advertised position, and that an implied contract between the parties is engaged the moment they send their resume.

Of course, from the perspective of the recruiter the reverse view is often the case. I remember one major telecom manufacturer despairing at all the “painters and decorators” clogging up their ATS, bemoaning the audacity of patently unsuitable candidates who wasted recruiters’ valuable time, degraded the system’s performance, and caused exorbitant response-management costs… read more 

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